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We're not just ANOTHER BRICK ON THE WALL, Dan & Angel, named after my two children is a family business, which passionately believes that our health is closely related to what we eat, because of that We have been chosen among the best 4 eatery of the year in Wandsworth the winner will be announced on 16-11-2018.

Our pizzas crust and breads, are made with superfood including Quinoa, mix seed, wholegrain and natural cornmeal, which are protein rich, high in fibre and the most important taste delicious. Based on my own experience, as well as on evidence from many organizations including our NHS, wholegrain foods can help to speed up weight loss, people who eat a diet high in wholegrains absorb less calories from food than people who eat a similar diet, but with refined grains such as white flour, fibre keep our bowels healthy and help us feel full quickly, which means we're less likely to eat too much.

In the UK most people do not eat enough fibre (the average intake is 17.2/day for women and 20.1g/day for men). the recommended minimum intake for adults is 30g per day. Studies shown that people who eat more whole-grain foods tend to be slimmer and are less likely to gain weight over time this is because these foods tend to be low in fat but high in fibre.

Wholegrain foods and vegetables it’s a particularly great combination if you're trying to lose weight and stay healthy, pizzas like our D&A halloumi Mediterranean, (see the picture next) VEGAN, SEAFOOD, etc. are extremely rich in fibre and protein also very low in calories, (tested by EUROFINS LABORATORY ILS), Obviously you’re also free to indulge yourself with our spicy Spanish chorizo spicy beef, spicy chicken, pepperoni, etc. which in any case bring an enormous benefit to our digestion due to the high fibre content of the crust.

Abraham Valverde

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