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All started when our youngest son DAN was diagnosed with severe constipation problems, something very unusual for a 7 years boy, then few months later we received a letter from the school reporting that our eldest son ANGEL, had been measured and weighed and therefore being categorized as very overweight, reason why we were advised to take urgent action. Both situations has not a specify medical solution, both has the same origin and also the same solution, which is pretty simple, just changing the way how to eat, its mean increasing fiber consumption, therefore eating more starchy food.

Because of those circumstances we start replacing their breads and pizzas bases made with the traditional bleached, refined white flour for the one’s made in wholemeal and quinoa flour, which are protein rich, high in fibre and really helpful to prevent or relieve constipation.

Surprisingly starchy food also can be used to help peoples lose weight, there are many peoples who still believe that losing weight is pretty hard, to achieve this, you need a lot exercise and survive all day with just a bowl of salad, however there is a simple and easy way to achieve it.

Eating more starchy food and vegetables which are high in fibre and low in calories, would help to keep you full and reduce your appetite therefore reducing your calorie intake, because fibre takes up more space than food that doesn’t. That means you will feel fuller after you eat it and that feeling of satisfaction will last longer, for example having a Mediterranean vegetables halloumi pizza which weighs around 600 grams and has less than 1,000 calories (tested by EUROFINS ILS Laboratory). Would be more than enough to keep you full and provide energy and protein to keep you going all day.

So we're not just ANOTHER BRICK ON THE WALL, (we mean, another pizza restaurant in LONDON) we are different, our food can MAKE YOUR BODY GREAT AGAIN

Abraham Valverde S.

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The staff really look after you here. I think their pizza`s are among... - READ MORE"
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We lived just off St John's Hill for two years, and Dan and Angel was our... - READ MORE"
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We came here for a dinner and been nicely greeted by waiter. Staff definitely... - READ MORE"
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It was really refreshing to come out for a meal and being able to have a healthy... - READ MORE"
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Does eating healthy really make a difference?
Yes, it does!
After switching to a healthy conscious food I lost more than 40 pound in about 5 months. Losing weight starts in the kitchen, and what you eat is far more important than how you exercise, because weight loss is 70% what you eat and 30% exercise. Start eating healthy today and you'll feel the difference tomorrow.
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